Catalogue planning and redemption management

Lightning speed rewards fulfilment with global distribution centers.

We are equipped to handle rewards and redemption across 90 countries with customised language catalogues.

Delivering great experiences!

Wide range of reward options with quick doorstep delivery and active customer support


Accentiv’ has comprehensive catalogue planning, rewards sourcing, redemption management, logistics, and fulfilment capabilities with an in-house 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse shipping over 5 million rewards every year to loyalty members across India.

In an era of “virtual” incentive companies, Accentiv’s distribution centers in India allows for a “hybrid” fulfilment model unmatched in the industry.  We have the capability to deliver rewards directly from manufacturers – or, for the most popular or hard-to-source items – fulfil from our state-of-the-art warehouse.  We’re able to deliver most rewards within two weeks, and often in as little as 5-7 days.

Made Fast.

What’s more, we are equipped to handle rewards and redemption across 14 countries in the APAC region where we run pan-Asian loyalty programs with customised language catalogues.

We even handle redemption management and fulfillment for third party loyalty solution providers who don’t have the expertise or infrastructure to handle it themselves.

Our global purchasing power guarantees unbeatable pricing.

Every person in our fulfilment operation knows they are packaging and shipping an award for someone who worked hard to earn it — your participant! That’s why each of the more than 5 million shipments that leave our warehouse in a given year is special.

We believe in going extra mile to ensure the redemption experience is worth an award.

Flexibility to service orders of any size.

We’ve moved beyond the catalogue, the plastic gift card, the mail-in rebate. The experience is half the fun. Whether it’s merchandise, gift cards, cash card or tracking services the reward recipient  will feel the added value not only in your reward fulfilment but in their entire redemption experience.