Acquire, retain and deepen customer relationships

Loyalty program software to turn your customers into brand loyalists

Manage, monitor and measure your loyalty programs easily & cost-effectively. 

Powerful loyalty platforms custom-built for various business needs

Surprise and delight your customers, channel partners and employees

Engage and reward your channel partners ​. 


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Find your loyal customers and make them brand advocates​.

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Engage, motivate and rewards your employees all-year around. 


TicketXpress →

Engage, motivate and reward your customers, channel partners and employees all-year around. 

TicketXpress →


LISA (Loyalty & Incentive System from Accentiv’) is a web-based business logic platform to build profitable loyalty programs


TicketXpres is a mobile first, digital voucher platform to generate, distribute & validate your voucher codes on the go.


EmployEase is a SaaS platform that automates employee engagement, employee rewards & recognition and employee engagement.

Create Loyalty.

Accentiv’s smart loyalty software solutions use powerful, proprietary technology and platforms to empower your relationship programs. 

Reach, recognise, reward and retain your best customers, channel partners and employees easily and cost-effectively.

Accentiv’s sophisticated loyalty features will boost your customer retention rates and empower your business to drive real value to your loyal customers better.

That Delivers.

Keep customers engaged in long-term relationships with on-brand point collection or subscription programs to encourage repeat visits and personalised engagement. 

Turn word of mouth into your best sales channel. Get your loyal customers to sell your products and services to their family and friends anytime in exchange for rewards. 

Easily create, send and manage digital rewards that people want. Integrate a powerful rewards catalogue in your offering to build engagement. 

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Outdated Loyalty Programs attract trouble

Traditional loyalty platforms have been around for ages. These loyalty platforms are reward systems that are integrated into a business in an attempt to retain customers and increase sales revenue.

However, is it really effective? Loyalty platforms typically only offer points for repeat purchasers. These repeat purchasers may not even care for the points accumulated, but just the product itself.

Hence, there is a need to go beyond loyalty.  Accentiv’ offers a comprehensive loyalty platform that will turn your customers into contented and proud representatives of your brand. We offer Membership, Referral and Digital Rewards services to boost the revenue of businesses.

We can help you build a loyalty platform that suits your business.

Build your own unique growth strategy to engage and incentivise your customers, channels partners and employees.