Boosting sales and renewals by enhancing sales incentives: Insurance Industry




Sales Incentive Program


One of the prime insurance companies across India selling car, two- wheeler, health & travel insurance with one-of-its-kind insurance policies.

Inbound and outbound teams are incentivised based on predefined criteria with points that are redeemable for a wide range of rewards from Bank Gift Cards, physical & electronic vouchers and merchandise across categories.

Target Audience:

On roll and contractual employees


  • To increase the number of sales calls by sales people
  • To stimulate the sales force by providing a needed change of pace
  • To improve customer service by sales people
  • To increase total sales volume

Accentiv’ Roadmap:

  • Understanding the requirement and scope
  • Finalisation of the incentive structure and workflow
  • Acquiring the data in pre-defined format for the complete organisation
  • Getting approval on the program catalogue
  • Creating the Sales Incentive Program in a demo environment
  • Access to the client for UAT and getting UAT approval from the client
  • Configuring the R&R in the production environment
  • Training to the program administrators

Program Impact:

Sales Incentive Pay out has been increased which is directly proportional to the Insurance sales & renewals. Company is planning to include all inbound and outbound processes in the program following its success.

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