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Vinoo Samuel, Head – Creative Services, Accentiv’ India, serves as jury member at the 2015 DMA India Echo Awards

After his stint as jury member at the Cannes Lions, Vinoo Samuel, Head – Creative Services at Accentiv’ India was invited to be a jury member at the Echo Awards in Asia by DMA India held in Mumbai on 6th August, 2015.

The Echo Awards are announced annually for the best direct marketing, customer retention, customer engagement and loyalty Marketing communications and campaigns.

Vinoo was a jury member in the automotive category for the best loyalty programs in the sector.

Asked about his experience, he says, “Some of the campaigns were very impactful and some of the loyalty programs very well strategically thought through. However, more could have been shared about the actual customer experience at the final touch-points. While many of the loyalty and CRM programs are theoretically very impressive, the communication and the quality of the interaction with the end-customer is not given the importance it deserves.”

“Unlike hospitality or retail, the automotive sector involves touch-points manned by untrained and very often uneducated staff. Getting the communication right should be the priority of such sectors in loyalty.”