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Ambuja Aasman wins the Best Channel Loyalty Program Award

It was one more feather in our cap when, at the 8th Loyalty Summit, 2015, in Mumbai, Team Ambuja took home the trophy for the Best Channel Loyalty program of 2014. The program, Ambuja Aasman, is managed by Accentiv’ and run by Ambuja for their dealers.

Once again, it proved that loyalty programs that go beyond just points and engage with their audience, succeed better in making a measurable difference to overall program ROI. This is especially true for channel loyalty programs, as most of the programs in this category confine themselves to issuance of points and allowing their channel partners to redeem these points for rewards.

Engagement based activities like Home Minister, for members’ spouses, and strategies that included contests and privileges for members, were much appreciated and commended. In Ambuja Aasman, there are many online and on-ground activities which are organized every year to keep the dealers engaged with the brand.

Today, the Ambuja Aasman program has over 7000 participating members contributing to 85% of Ambuja’s annual business.