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Accentiv’s smart loyalty software solutions use powerful, proprietary technology and platforms to empower your relationship programs. So you can reach, recognise, reward and retain your best customers, channel partners and employees easily and cost-effectively.

LISA (Loyalty & Incentive System from Accentiv’) is our pioneering web-based platform that brings you the business logic and technology to easily implement and manage profitable loyalty programs for your customers and channel partners. LISA helps you run multiple programs across regions and countries with customised business rules and customised catalogues in multiple languages.

Having been implemented across multiple countries/sites, LISA is a secure, robust, yet scalable platform that gives you the flexibility to implement loyalty programs for any range of budgets.

Our newest range of smart loyalty software include cloud-based platforms like Fides Cloud for comprehensive customer relationship & campaign management, Fides Clienteling for intelligence-based retail staff empowerment and employEase for employee engagement, rewards & recognition.

Ticket Xpress is a digital voucher platform to seamlessly connect merchants, corporates as well as end-users with benefits for each of them. It is a new-age, mobile-first, smart & secure Digital Voucher Platform to help you simply and cost effectively generate, distribute & authorize value/product/service/E-vouchers for your end-customers in real time.

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