IT company distributed digital vouchers to employees to purchase furniture of their choice during WFH

Our Client:

The Client is an IT multi-national, a leading global provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry.

Business Requirement:

  1. Getting the employee work desk set up at home to enable WFH
  2. Choice of brand and furniture to be in the hands of the employee
  3. Should be contactless, hassle-free online home delivery.



The team at Accentiv’ conceptualized the solution over the Ticket Xpress platform to meet client objectives keeping in mind employee satisfaction as the key driver.

Each employee is rewarded with a fixed value digital voucher as decided by the Client. The employee could utilize the voucher over a period on multiple online specialized furniture brands. The employee also had a choice to split the voucher value into two different brands with different furniture items from each brand.

Two interfaces were provided for execution:

  • Client Admin interface– To distribute a fixed value voucher to an employee in bulk using their own self-designed Email/SMS template on a real-time basis.
  • Employee Interface– To access and redeem the voucher


  • The entire execution was in the form of a digital solution that was kept contactless to ensure an employee’s wellbeing.
  • Increased employee productivity made the Client think of even considering WFH permanently
  • Client internal survey reflected employee satisfaction up to 90%

If you also want to use Ticket Xpress digital voucher platform to reward your employee in real-time. Get in touch

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