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for Customer Loyalty

Fides Suite is an enterprise-grade, SaaS-based loyalty platform with advanced customer engagement, reward redemption and promotional engine capabilities. Shift from static customer engagement to more personalised. Here is an omnichannel solution that empowers you to design multiple loyalty programs. engage instore sales teams. onboard members on the go. track sales team KPI's. communicate to customers.  customize loyalty points. offer personalised vouchers. automate rewards. automate tier upgrade/downgrade. get deep customer insights engage through multichannels create event or action based triggers. incentivize specific actions.  set up rewards for product review. issue coupons for store check ins. recognise for social shares. run sweepstake campaigns.

CRM 4.0 Product Family powered by AI

Fides Cloud

Your CRM, Loyalty & Campaign Management Platform compatible with both POS & Cloud

Fides Clienteling

The store staff mobile app to engage with customers in real-time & improve member-marketing performance

Fides Portal

A mobile membership portal for members to view transactions, redeem points and coupons and more

Automate Loyalty.

Fides Suite is a SaaS-based comprehensive,, easy-to-use customer loyalty software integrated with campaign management, flexible points & coupon engine, proprietary e-voucher engine, smart campaign automation and visualised reporting.

Empower your customer loyalty initiatives with a tried and tested customer loyalty solution that supports both B2C and B2B operators. 


Automate your loyalty communication and manage your customer data easily and efficiently with an intuitive interface that is easy to understand and navigate. 

Launch automated campaigns across a variety of communication channels to build loyalty and drive business growth. Best of all, generate visualised reports to track your campaigns and loyalty program performance

Major functionalities of Accentiv' loyalty management software

Full Customer Insight
The system provides full customer data and analyzed sales statistics to make sure you are always up-to-date with the performance of your loyalty programs. Not only does it give you quick access to your history of transactions, but it also allows you to easily create, manage, or merge membership accounts. Accentiv' supports multiple ID classes, plus, it enables you to organize your customer data efficiently using a simple & intuitive interface.
Flexible Redemption Option
Since many of the large enterprises run their business processes on a global scale, Accentiv' allow both points based redemption and part-card payment. It enables you to create many different types of loyalty points, and then it facilitates the purchasing process on the user’s side.
Loyalty Program Customisation
By using our FIDES Suite, you can decide what the rules for marketing activities and loyalty programs are. Our product will help you set your business priorities and create personalized offers based on geolocation. You will also have access to the Promotions Calendar which provides a complete overview of all of your active programs and campaigns. You can use it to set automatic initiation of your programs if that’s what you need at the time. The system is flexible and fully adaptive to your requirements.
Omnichannel Customer Interaction
Accentiv' allows you to stay in contact with your customers at every level of their loyalty program participation. Use it to create mass or individual messages (E-mail/SMS/POS/mobile app/website) informing the members about your current product offers and services. Also, send surveys to collect feedback so you could constantly improve the quality of your loyalty programs. We offer enhanced smart message editors that will help you write engaging content and create many different versions in multiple languages.
Intuitive Rewards Management
Accentiv' enables you to come up with various types of rewards that you can give to your most involved customers. Those include discounts, cash-backs, giveaways, vouchers. The system is a simple yet powerful platform that functions as an extensive e-commerce-based reward catalog, pre-integrated with our online payment solution, with many schemes and patterns to choose from. Create personalized reward offers that will encourage your audience to become even more involved.
Easy Partners Onboarding
Large enterprises are always in contact with their loyalty program partners. Because of that, slight adjustments need to be made every now and again to meet their expectations. That is why Accentiv' also includes a dedicated application called the "Partner Portal." It enables partners to join the program and start creating promotions for their products or services they offer in no time. What is more, partner representatives are given full access to billing reports about the cost of participation in the program. Being an Accentiv' user, you will also get to bring our Data Hub into play - a cutting-edge tool for optimizing data exchange processes. It allows users to easily integrate new partners, thus reducing the time and costs of new integrations.
Advanced Administration & Reporting
If you’re looking for a solution that will guarantee real-time processing of all of your loyalty transactions, that solution is Accentiv'. The system can definitely serve as an extensive database for your products and stores involved. Not only is Accentiv' enabled with autonomous fraud detection & prevention mechanisms, but it is also designed to support black-lists administration. Plus, it ensures constant monitoring of loyalty program members’ activity. Any kind of anomalies will be instantly reported to you via alarms & notifications.
Robust Multitenancy
Accentiv' solution allows you to run and host multiple B2B and B2C loyalty programs via a single platform. It enables you to give access to loyalty programs to any authorized parties in a split of a second. Using Accentiv' solutions, you can set various loyalty program proportions for different countries or regions. It is the most cost-effective solution in terms of hardware and 3rd party software that significantly lowers the cost of system maintenance.
Personalized Offers
Accentiv' offers personalization feature, based on advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, allows users to identify their customers' shopping patterns so they could later prepare offers and product recommendations that meet their clients' personal needs. It was designed to let you experiment with various product categories and marketing scenarios so that, in the end, you could provide offers that are most likely to hit the spot. Plus, it also enables you to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value as well as determine what's the best time for presenting clients with your products and services.
Loyalty Fraud Detection
The Loyalty Fraud Detection functionality utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques so you could easily identify non-typical patterns in your loyalty program members’ behavior (accrual and redemption transactions, collecting points, account registrations, and more) in order to prevent any financial drawbacks from happening. By implementing this feature, you will be instantly reported about any out-of-the-ordinary incident and, as a result, you and your team will be able to react in no time to any potential loyalty fraud cases - before they will cause any damage.
Customer Service
Our Contact Center application was specifically designed to facilitate processes related to the support of loyalty program members, which include communicating with the customers in real-time, as well as managing their data. It involves following a multi-step approval procedure for selected actions performed by Contact Center agents, which serves as an implementation of the four-eyes principle. Plus, thanks to our intuitive chat - and the AI-powered Chatbot – customers can be served straight away via the member portal, mobile application, or various communication apps such as Facebook Messenger.
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Delivering positive impact on your Business Growth

Deliver a compelling engagement and loyalty program, based on the Customer Decision Journey (CDJ) and thereby Improving Customer Life time Value (CLV)

Using AI-powered Campaign Management Tool and Robust Rewards Platform, enhance your customer engagement by making it relevant and actionable

By tracking customer footprints, across online / offline channels, delivering seamless Omni and Multi-channel experience and layering the customer decision journey through data insights and segmented approach

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Fides Suite

Plug and Play Omni and Multi channel Solutions

Connects POS,
e-commerce website and mobile app

Automated Campaigns

Trigger promotional campaigns, lifecycle campaigns, spot campaigns, redemption campaigns and more

Loyalty Engine

Tier rule setting, member upgrade/downgrade automation, simplified points engine, redemption management, gifts & events management

Visual Reporting

A real-time view of program & campaign performance, loyalty ROI, data analytics, etc.

Customer Management

360 degree view of customer journey, quantified program outcomes using data insights/ customer engagement metrics

Improve Customer Gratification

Powering 300+ brands realtime rewards/ offers from complimentary categories

Services Offered

Robust Technology Platform for CRM

Program Consultation / Strategy

End to End Program Operations

Social Media and Creative Services

Member Services

Industries Served

Apparel & Footwear

Consumer Electronics

Retail Pharmacy/ Supermarkets

Food & Beverages

Home Improvement & Furnishing

Luxury Goods & Jewellery

Hospital & Healthcare


Beauty & Wellness


Customer loyalty systems are now more powerful than ever before.

Use the power of positive emotions and discover what a modern customer loyalty program should be like.

As a provider of advanced IT solutions for loyalty management & marketing, we are here to help you. 

Key benefits to companies

Key benefits to customers

We are Accentiv' India.

For the past 20 years, Accentiv’s has been a global provider of cutting-edge loyalty products for improving customer engagement. Thanks to our high-end technology and global experience in carrying out the most complex loyalty-focused projects, we have helped dozens of highly popular brands such as Monte Carlo, L’occitane, VLCC achieve their marketing goals.

We have designed Fides Suite to modernize your marketing strategy and engage new & existing customers with the power of personalization and gamification.

Ask for FREE DEMO and learn how FIDES SUITE can help you engage and reward employees ! reward channel partners ! influence purchase decisions ! deliver personalised offers ! retain existing customers ! increase customer lifetime value ! build personal relationships ! create brand advocates ! improve customer interactions !

FREE DEMO, learn how to engage and reward employees ! reward channel partners ! influence purchase decisions ! deliver personalised offers ! retain existing customers ! increase customer lifetime value ! build personal relationships ! create brand advocates ! improve customer interactions !

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