M.S. Ashok – a key panelist at the CII National Services Sector Excellence Summit 2015

Delighting the Always Connected Customer: New Era of Services was the theme at the National Services Sector Excellence Summit, 2015 by CII where senior professionals from their respective fields came together to share their views and expertise.

The first session by the Power Panel, shared the leadership perspective on building a service excellence culture and high performing teams to deliver a superior customer experience. The discussion helped demonstrate how creating a culture of service excellence is a journey, not a destination. They also highlighted how achieving excellence is the result of high performance throughout the entire organisation and how organisations are reinventing themselves to service the rapidly dynamic aspirations of the always connected customer.

M.S. Ashok, COO, Accentiv’ India, featured in the second session where the focus was on redefining Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty through SMAC—a new enterprise IT model that blends social, mobile, data analytics and cloud technologies to improve business competitiveness. He gave his view on how organisations are integrating the power of SMAC to transform and strengthen their service and delivery mechanisms in order to provide superior customer experiences and service the omnichannel customer while simultaneously building brand loyalties.

The third session was themed Big Data, Big Delight: New Era of Always Connected Customer Experiences. It discussed how big data improves customer experience by shortening the time required to resolve queries and by improving efficiency of customer care processes. And how big data analytics can help predict the time required to resolve a specific type of customer request ticket.

All the sessions were followed by a panel discussion and Q/A sessions where these panelists used their expertise to answer audience queries and share their in-depth knowledge of their chosen fields.