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" employEase is a one-stop solution, providing you a comprehensive, yet modular, cloud-based platform, to help you drive performance, productivity, engagement and interaction in a simple and smart way "


employEase can manage it all !

Employee Recognition

EmployEase helps you automate and simplify every aspect of your rewards & recognition program with highly customisable awards, social-media-style interfaces, granular budget management, customised workflows, built-in productivity boosters and AI driven communication

Rewards Fulfilment

Coming from Accentiv’, leaders in Rewards & Loyalty for over 2 decades, employEase offers the most comprehensive and attractive rewards catalogue (based on intelligence from several client programs), and the most reliable & proven last-mile fulfilment capabilities

Contests & Incentives

Use MaxPro, the contests & incentives management module of employEase, to automate, monitor, measure & optimise your internal schemes and contests. Energise your support teams with gamification & social recognition features & maximise performance

Discover what makes employEase so effective

employEase is comprised of plug-and-play modules, making it easy for your recognition program to grow with your organisation. You are free to use one module, or many, according to your organisation’s needs

Platform Key Feature

Peer-to-peer awards

Social recognition



Long service awards

Social share


Rewards Catalogue

Team awards

Automated alerts

User groups

Complete DIY

Appreciation badges

Social wall


Planned events

Instant redemption

Created by Oksana Latyshevafrom the Noun Project


Points + Cash

White labelled UI

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Recognition and Engagement

EmployEase is an advanced, cloud-based platform for the modern workplace which is highly cost-effective and easy to implement for HR, while being fun to use for employees. It helps you build a culture of recognition & engagement by changing behaviours to deliver measurable business results

  • Every possible type of award & recognition an organisation could require
  • Granular program budget management to encourage recognition across the board
  • Highly configurable award and approval workflows
  • Automated AI driven notifications to boost engagement & key program KPIs
  • Engagement boosting with social recognition and social-media-style motivators
  • Comprehensive reports to gain insights & monitor impact
  • Self-driven with complete control over all aspects of engagement and interaction

Rewards Management

EmployEase provides the ultimate reward experience for your employees through a combination of flexibility, unmatched discounts and special offers from various brands. From Instant digital rewards to merchandise and experiences , employEase covers every relevant reward for your deserving employees.

  • Widest selection of rewards with 10,000+ global reward options
  • 500+ top global and local brands
  • 1,200+ reward options in India alone
  • Rewards managed in 90+ countries globally
  • Most robust last-mile delivery eco-system
  • Unique Flexi-Pay feature to combine points and cash
  • Exclusive offers thru our proprietary digital voucher platform – Ticket Xpress.

Let’s work together!

Get the results you want and build a productive, performance oriented culture in your organisation with employEase.

Intuitive and simple to use

EmployEase makes recognition easy, engaging and exciting for your employees using social networking features and a simplified, new-age & mobile friendly user interface.

  • Fully responsive UI
  • Simple, fast, and highly intuitive
  • Standard mobile app for easy adoption

Easy integration

Seamlessly integrate any third-party system with employEase to sync employee profile information and transactional/sales data for smooth program execution.

  • HRMS Integration
  • Single sign-on

Highly secure and scalable

The employEase platform follows stringent, internationally adopted security best practices to ensure that your information and data stays safe and secure.

  • Cloud Hosted SAAS Platform
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • GDPR Compliant

Ask for FREE DEMO and learn how employEase can help you engage and reward employees ! turn employees into brand advocates ! improve trust ! improve employee productivity ! improve retention ! improve reputation !

FREE DEMO, learn how employEase can help you engage and reward employees ! turn employees into brand advocates ! improve trust ! improve employee productivity ! improve retention ! improve reputation !