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Accentiv’ helps you identify your most valuable customers and partners with you in generating incremental, long-term value from them.

Our methodology demonstrates strategic, operational and analytical expertise in evolving relationship programs that grow and nurture your customers. Our solutions provide comprehensive strategy development and include end-to-end implementation of all components.

Our proprietary loyalty platforms and software solutions allow us to greatly increase efficiencies in cost, time and reach of your customer loyalty program.

Check out our comprehensive customer loyalty & customer relationship management platform Fides Cloud.

Our one-to-one communication skills help you connect with your customers and build long-term relationships with them while staying in synch with your overall brand objectives. We use all direct marketing media to achieve this-from printed brochures, promo coupons, catalogues and direct mail to personalised emailers, microsites, online catalogues, digital vouchers, SMS and social media.

We are equipped to design, develop and manage full-fledged instore retail programs with both points and privileges-based rewards to meet your individual requirements. We offer you ways of integrating our software with your point of sale technology and provide a secure interface with your servers to capture, validate and track consumer data.

Get in touch and let us work with you to conceptualise, develop and manage any kind of customer loyalty program you might have in mind.

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