Foster lifelong loyalty amongst channel partners!

Channel loyalty done right!

Incentive, reward, and engagement programs can directly influence the willingness, interest, and energy of your channel partners to sell and support your products and services

Win the loyalty of your distribution network

Segment partners, customise rewards, personalise communications

Channel Acquisition

We help you on-board channel partners - sales teams, dealers, resellers, retail partners and more

Program Deployment

Our decades of experience helps you successfully deploy and launch your loyalty program right from concept to go live, circumventing all known pitfalls

Rewards Fulfilment

Get comprehensive and customisable rewards catalogues for both physical and digital rewards and get the benefits of last mile delivery

Program Certification

We help you overcome all the legalities associated with deploying and running a channel loyalty program

Partner Motivation

The most successful incentive programs are simple yet engaging, designed to increase your partners’ knowledge and improving performance and loyalty

Transaction Validation

Easy-to-track performance through target trackers and leaderboards help in establishing transparency and validation of the program

Program Design

Our team of professionals guide you with best practices in constructing channel loyalty programs and incentive structures. Accentiv’ helps you segment partners, tailor rewards, and target communications for sustainable connections

Influencer Incentivisation

The most engaging programs are straightforward, using a single sign-on site to provide training as well as product information and brand updates, alongside incentives

Channel Loyalty SaaS Platform

Our market-leading online channel incentive program platform provides total performance tracking, reward redemption and a communications hub that’s ideal for engaging employees and managing your channel programs

Channel Loyalty.

Accentiv’ India helps you develop your partner strengths and market potential through tried & tested proprietary loyalty platforms and rewards programs in India and Asia Pacific.

We’ll draw up your channel strategies, build cost-effective action plans and partner you through any or all the phases of a loyalty program. From channel acquisition, certification and program development to partner motivation, influencer incentivising, transaction validation and reward fulfilment, we’ve got you covered.

While web-enabled technology is our backbone, we also run offline models that help Indian companies communicate with and reward channel partners in areas with no connectivity.


Our tried and tested solutions include comprehensive strategy development and end-to-end implementation of your loyalty programs. Our proprietary software platforms greatly enhance efficiencies in cost, time and reach of your loyalty initiatives. Our technology can be customised to work in tandem with any software that you might have already deployed to enhance your loyalty initiatives.

Our range of rewards and incentives include branded merchandise, white label goods, single-store & multi-store vouchers, instant digital vouchers, as well as travel and experience-based incentives. Enough choices to customise a catalogue to the exacting needs of your channel partners.

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Strategies for an effective
Channel Loyalty Program

Get everything you need to run a successful loyalty program

This is the first step in implementing a channel loyalty program and should form the core of your strategy. Make sure you segment your audience based on their goals and offer them unique, personalised goals and rewards.  If your loyalty program doesn’t sync with your partners’ strategic goals, adoption and redemption will suffer

Whether it’s a gift card, a holiday or an appliance, make it easy for your partners to redeem their rewards, if not your program will slowly lose traction. The ideal way to do this is to setup a dedicated B2B e-commerce app or website, where your partners can login and choose from multiple incentives on a single platform.

Constant partner engagement is critical for the success of your channel loyalty program. Try to organize localised events and meet/greet sessions where you can communicate with individual partners. This is also a great way to build a long-lasting relationship with your partners and ensure lower marketing costs.

No two partner’s motivations and goals are alike, therefore it’s important to offer highly personalised goals and incentives. Make sure you set clear rule structures for each partner centred around their behaviour so that it consistently produces business results. The personalisation aspect should also flow into your communication strategy. For instance, language barriers and other geo-specific cultural nuances need to be taken into consideration for effective reach and engagement.

Tier-based incentives have been really successful in the B2C context and works very well for partners as well. This structure essentially aligns with the aspirational mind-set that is core to human behaviour. Start from a base tier for signups and offer higher incentives as the partner moves up the the value chain based on their sales and purchase volumes.

Gamification concepts like Leaderboards, Spinwheels, Engagement Trackers and sporting event related (IPL, World Cup) activities can help boost engagement levels of your loyalty program. For gamification to be successful, it must sync with the user journey, your business goals, and it has to be communicated clearly to the partners through multiple channels like emailers, app notifications, SMS and sales visits.

Engage your channel partners and inspire them to work harder for you

A Channel Loyalty Program is proven to have far more long-term value than tactical, quick-hit initiatives.

Segmenting channel partners according to current and long-standing relationship value should guide program design, ensuring an accurate basis for investment decisions.

Design, launch and optimize channel incentive programs

“67% of sales representatives believe that programs that include rewards and incentives are extremely important to their job satisfaction. A solid 80% of them say rewards and incentives strengthen their relationships with vendors”, reveals Accentiv Research Team