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    The cost of increasing channel loyalty is far lower compared to the cost of increasing consumer loyalty

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Channel Partner Loyalty Programs

  • Channel loyalty programs & sales incentives
  • Influencer programs
  • Multi-layered programs
  • Multi-layered programs
  • Sales agent programs
  • MDF & co-op funds management


Accentiv' helps you develop and leverage your partner strengths and market potential through highly customised channel loyalty programs in India and Asia Pac.

We are equipped to draw up your channel strategies, build cost-effective action plans and partner you through any or all the phases of channel loyalty—channel acquisition, certification, program development, partner motivation, influencer incentivising, transaction validation and reward fulfillment.

Our tried and tested solutions include comprehensive strategy development and end-to-end implementation of all components of channel partner loyalty. Our proprietary technology platform—the Loyalty Engine—greatly increases efficiencies in cost, time and reach of your channel loyalty programs. This combination of strategic expertise, technical capability and operational excellence has led to the execution of highly successful channel partner loyalty programs for some of the largest, most demanding businesses across Asia.

Should you require, our technology can be customised to work in tandem with software that you might have already deployed at your end to enhance your channel partner loyalty initiatives.

While web-enabled technology is the backbone of our success, we also run offline models that help Indian companies communicate with and reward channel partners and provide sales incentives in areas without connectivity.

Our range of rewards and incentives include branded merchandise, white label goods, single-store & multi-store vouchers, travel and experience-based incentives—enough choices to customise a catalogue to the exacting needs of your channel partners.

Contact us today. We are here to work with you to conceptualise, develop and manage channel loyalty programs specific to your business needs.

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