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Case Studies

An Omni Channel Loyalty Experience : Skincare Industry

A premium retail skincare brand has seen a massive shift in its business in the past few years. As a traditional brick & mortar brand, they noticed a substantial online demand. They started their own E-comm platform and hypothesized that a lot of the online customers were existing offline ones. However, they didn’t know how to engage with them. They did not have the technical capabilities to track a customer’s journey through different channels or even have a loyalty program that offers an omnichannel experience.

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Employee R&R

Technologies in rewards & recognition

Constructive use of technology has made it easier to reward and recognize their workforce in an easier, faster and in a much more timely manner which makes the whole process smoother to operate.

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Employee R&R

Difference between rewards and recognition

While you will find “rewards” and “recognition” being used interchangeably with each other, it is anything but the same. In order to use both of them efficiently, we must know how both differ from each other.

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